A Winter of Gratitude

During the winter season (for those that live in the "seasonal changes" zone) winter can be a time when not all seems so happy and sparkly. The holidays are over, there may not be as much to look forward to, even our outdoor winter activities seem like too much "work".

The cold, over cast skies, wind and ice tend to bring on a negative outlook. How do you keep an attitude of gratitude when things seem so bland. The beauty of winter has many things we can grasp to be in the moment of natures rejuvenation. A fresh coat of snow covering the landscape can be absolutely gorgeous, the gratitude of a warm house during a snow storm, knowing that nature is sleeping to rise to the spring resurrection are all things we can embrace and give gratitude for during these days that seem to go on forever.

When the snow is gone, the ground is brown and muddy, trees look like brown sticks, our bushes and flowers appear dead, step outside, take a deep breath of the crisp air and you might be surprised to see the appearance of new growth and green sprouts arising from the rich earth. Be grateful that you are here, in the present moment experiencing these miraculous, timeless cycles that bring us gratitude and love. 

Turn up your favorite music, dance to your house work, laugh at yourself and be grateful that you have ears to hear the music, you have a house to clean and that nothing can make you feel more alive than having a good laugh at yourself!

Most importantly keep your daily gratitude practice. Embrace your Rock of Gratitude anytime during the day when you're feeling a little overwhelmed, give the gift of a Rock of Gratitude to your loved ones so they too can experience the healing power that it holds. 

Always in Gratitude