The Gratitude of Motherhood

How do you place a value on gratitude for your mother and how does a mother place a value on gratitude for her children? It goes both ways. 

Being both gives me a little perspective at least from my own experiences of how gratitude, as the mother of my children and as a daughter of my mother, has impacted and changed my life. Becoming a mother has been the most challenging, enriching and amazing experience of my life that is hard to put in to words. At the first glimpse of your child the heart fills with an explosion of love that expands beyond anything words can describe. As the years zoom by, that love only expands more and the realization of the gratitude that your child brings to you, even during the challenging years and struggles of independence is something that will carry you through your old age. 

My children have taught me more about myself than I even realize. They have taught me patience, anger management, forgiveness, unconditional love, trust, joy, abundance, made me rethink some of my beliefs, to take risks, to explore the world, unbridled happiness....the list can go on and on. 

As a daughter I also struggle for words that express the gratitude I feel for my mother. How can a person deny the feelings of gratitude for the first person to ever hold you in the loving embrace of her arms, nurturing, feeding and taking the tenderest of care for your well-being? My mother taught me so much but most importantly made me feel safe, unconditionally loved and happy! She also gave me "wings to fly", the permission to find myself knowing that I would return to the foundation that she helped build for me and respect for the woman that I became.

Since I embraced the daily practice of gratitude and began to speak the words of the power of gratitude to my children they have also chosen to embrace the power of being grateful and the abundance of what that can bring into your life. Gratitude is contagious and the power it brings to me is one of contentment, peace and knowing that when things aren't always great I  ALWAYS have gratitude for someone or something. It's that power that inspired me to create the Rock of Gratitude and share it with the world. 

My Rock of Gratitude has brought the daily practice of gratitude to many people. My mother as well as my children and their spouses have a Rock of Gratitude, it's a special way to show them how grateful you are to have them in your life and it also gives them a conduit to bring more gratitude and abundance into their lives.