Who am I to know about Gratitude? How the Rock of Gratitude was born.

Let me introduce myself; I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, grandmother, friend and co-worker;  from my perception I'm  just an overall pretty average American woman. Why then am I ALL about Gratitude and embracing it into a daily living practice? 

Through my spiritual journey I am always reading and looking for my truth. I was introduced to the Law of Attraction initially  about 10 years ago through the DVD "The Secret". Gratitude was a recurring theme in "The Secret" as well as in other books and blogs I have read. Many writings spoke of a daily gratitude practice to bring more joy and peace into your life. So I decided "that's what I'm going to do!" I tried writing in a daily journal (I already had a journal, why did I want to write in two of them?), at end of day writing down on bits of paper everything I was grateful for that day and putting into a Gratitude Jar, (well after a long day that lasted about 2 weeks...), heard about the 100 day challenge on FB posting daily your gratitude (why would you just do it for 100 days or during the Thanksgiving season? I thought that was odd, why should you be challenged to be grateful?).  In my reading I came upon the idea of a rock, using it at your bedside as a reminder to express and FEEL your gratitude before going to sleep. I was inspired! True story...a couple days before I read this I was in my flower beds and noticed a very unique rock, I picked it up looked at it and threw it back down.  After reading about the rock I had an epiphany and realized I KNEW what rock I was going to use. I went back outside, found the rock that had caught my eye a few days earlier and began using it on a daily basis. 

This process of daily gratitude made me stop, reflect, express and FEEL the gratitude I had for that day. When I FEEL gratitude I get an overwhelming feeling of joy, peace and can  get teary eyed occasionally, it's very meditative.  Honestly,  as I began using it I didn't experience any huge, miraculous things happening in my life but.... as I began being grateful for all the things I had in my life, as meager as they might be, more positive things seemed to surround me. Don't get me wrong, I have sorrow, pain, anger and daily challenges like everyone else, but soon realized you CAN'T be grateful and "hang on" to those negative feelings. Gratitude cleanses your soul and opens your heart to the positive gifts from the Universe. I believe that to my core! 

Soon after I began using it I had an overpowering NEED to share it with others. How could I do that?? There are many rocks out there for sale that say the word "GRATITUDE" but there was nothing that I could find that helped people embrace and FEEL the true power of what a daily practice of gratitude can do for the soul. I am an artist and had a idea of a gratitude logo that could be engraved on a rock with guidance on how to use the rock as a conduit to the Law of Attraction to bring more peace and joy into a person life. It took me 2 years to get to this point of making a Rock of Gratitude.  By being grateful and then sharing the power of gratitude it can bring positive energy to relationships, schools, communities and ultimately our societies; that is my dream! If I can bring this to as many people as possible I will feel so humbled and purposeful. Soon after I started making them I gave them to my family and close friends, expressing to them how thankful I was to have them in my life. I felt the positive energy from every single person I gave them to, that they felt appreciated.  My sons,  their wives as well as my husband have experienced firsthand the positive outcomes of embracing gratitude.  There's nothing better than sharing with people how much they mean to you and that you wish for them to embrace gratitude in their heart and pass it on. It is "power in the palm of your hand". 

This is my first attempt at blogging, so I'm not an expert by any means but look forward to hearing from all of you that might be so moved to comment! In Gratitude!