Gratitude in Unexpected Places

Last week I received an order for 10 rocks, the buyer needed them quickly, she needed them by Sunday and if I had shipped them they would not have arrived in time. She had purchased them to give to her group of women friends that had been college mates. One of the group had recently passed away from cancer, they were getting together to honor her and the Rock of Gratitude was to be given to each of the women to express gratitude for their friendship and support they all shared through many years.

We met at a restaurant for lunch and was served by a very outgoing and pleasant young man, Jonathon.  I had wrapped the rocks and placed them in a sheer organza drawstring bag and laid them on the table. As we were just about finished with eating, our waiter out of curiosity asked what was in the bag. So I began to explain to him how the Rock of Gratitude was born, how the daily practice of gratitude can bring more peace and less stress in to your life and given as a gift you are letting that person know how much they mean to you and  giving them the choice of starting a daily gratitude practice. He loved the idea and said he was a new father and his wife was all about gratitude. He said that she mentions all the time how grateful she is for her life. He asked if I had any of the rocks in my car, unfortunately I did not but my buyer graciously offered for him to purchase one of hers since she had ordered extras to use in the future. He bought one on the spot! I was blown away with gratitude!

The buyer and I were practically giddy with wonderment as to how the laws of attraction can bring people, places and timing together! What were the odds that we chose that restaurant, on that day, at that time, got that waiter and he asked about the gift bag of rocks and shared the same thought about gratitude!

"There is no limit to what this law can do for you; dare to believe in your own ideal; think of the ideal as an already accomplished fact."~ Charles Haanel (1866-1949)