Cultivating Happiness Through Gratitude

I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog....I meant to do better! The good news is I've been busy doing the things I love and am grateful for;  camping, traveling, playing with my granddaughter, knowing my family in China is happy,  being with my friends and family and enjoying retirement with my husband.

Since my launch of the Rock of Gratitude and my daily practice of gratitude I have discovered that something deeper has changed in the core of my being. It's not just about feeling grateful, it's being grateful for my everyday existence and enjoying the things that are already in my life. In other words it's living with a grateful heart. 

It's also not being a "Polly Anna", it's accepting that not everything is perfect, acknowledging negative or frustrating feelings and then moving on towards being grateful in spite of the negative situation(s). It's amazing how being grateful can manifest more.

According to researchers learning to cultivate happiness through gratitude and awareness is a life long process! Keeping a list of Gratitude quotes and affirmations is an easy way to manifest this process. In my next blog I will post some popular Gratitude Quotes that when embraced and practiced daily can increase your happiness and cultivate living a life filled with gratitude.